We Met Online During the Pandemic: Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship

3 min readMar 5, 2021

In the early days of the pandemic, I met many people online and got to know them. We were all stuck at home, so why not take that time to meet someone interesting. I never imagined that I would meet someone and fall head over heels.

He randomly slid into my DM’s and I thought he was cute. After weeks of talking and getting to know each other, I found myself looking forward to speaking with him, waiting for his calls, and missing him whenever we didn’t talk.

We’ve been together for six months now and, even though we still haven’t met in person, he’s the most important person in my life right now and I can’t wait till I finally get to meet him next month.

We’re very open with each other, we make sure we communicate as much as possible, but not so much that it becomes a chore, and we try our very best to do certain activities like eating and watching movies together. Sometimes, he even watches me sleep.

I know the situation isn’t ideal but what is ideal? Navigating dating and relationships have always been tricky. It’s even worse when it’s a long-distance relationship. So, I have a few tips to help you survive that long-distance relationship because your soulmate might not be in your zip code and you should be open to meeting people outside your immediate environment.

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Tip 1: Be Intentional

You should be intentional about your relationship. Decide what you want from the relationship and do what you can to achieve it. Long-Distance relationships are tricky enough: you do not want to go into one without a clear picture of what you want from the relationship, your partner, and yourself.

Tip 2: Communicate

It’s easy to talk about communication in relationships. However, it is a lot harder to practice what you preach. For your long-distance relationship to be successful, you need to communicate openly and honestly with your partner as much as possible.

Tip 3: Trust your Partner

If you’ve chosen to be in a long-distance relationship with this person, then you must love this person. When you can’t be near your partner, it’s important to let go of all your baggage, get rid of any trace of jealousy, and trust your partner.

Tip 4: Find a Common Hobby

This is a good way to connect with your partner. Find an activity you both would enjoy and start doing it together. You could try out cooking, baking, painting, whatever works.

Tip 5: Technology is your friend

Technology helps you keep the love alive. You can plan the best virtual dates, have quick video calls to check in regularly, send sweet texts regularly.

Tip 6: Meet Your Partner

The pandemic might be holding the whole world to ransom now, but when the time is right, set a date to meet your partner and connect in person.

These and more have helped me enjoy my relationship and it can work for you if you’re ready. Trust me, it will all be worth it when you finally meet the person you love.




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