Virtual Date Ideas

4 min readMar 23, 2021


Last year, the world of dating changed forever. We had to stay indoors, therefore meeting someone and going out on a date if you were interested in getting to know them better was no longer an option.

Due to the situation, we all took a page from the long-distance relationship playbook and started going on virtual dates. However, there’s only so much you can do before the dates begin to feel boring right? So we’ve put together some fun virtual date ideas just for you.

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  1. Movie Night

Choose a movie to watch with your partner or date. You can watch the movie together using Netflix Party. Make sure you’re on a video call while you watch so you can discuss the movie in real-time. It’s a fun way to connect and bond with your partner or the person you’re interested in.

2. Sip and Paint

You can sign up for a virtual sip and paint session together or plan your own. Get the painting materials, a bottle of wine, and hop on a video call while you express yourself through art. Note: You don’t have to be an artist, just have some fun with it.

3. Eat Together

Food has always been a big part of community and culture which is why you find a lot of families taking time out to eat at least one meal together. You should both prepare dinner and eat together over a video call.

4. Game Night

You can play online games together. You both don’t have to be game lovers to try it out. It could be the start of a new hobby together.

5. Cooking Class

Taking a virtual cooking class together will help you bond with the person you’re dating. Learn a recipe or two together so that when you finally meet, you can have fun preparing those recipes for each other.

6. Connect through Music

Music is the window to the soul. You and the person you’re dating can bond by exchanging the music you love and creating playlists together. Learning the type of music someone loves will teach you a lot about the person.

7. Cook Together

I know there’s a lot of cooking on this list but it’s so vital. You and your partner should share your favourite recipes with each other, then choose a date to prepare those recipes together.

8. Workout Together

Get fit together, do some yoga or light workouts with each other this way you’re building your body, your mind, and your connection to each other. The couple that works out together, stays together or something like that.

9. Learn Something New

You can both try out a new hobby. Join an online class together and learn how to do something you’ve never tried before.

10. Read Books

Reading and having deep conversations about books is a great way to connect with someone. Pick a different book every month or every two months, read it together, and set up a call to talk about it.

These are great ways to connect and build intimacy in relationships so pick one, call your partner/date and have some fun.




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