Top 7 tips to help you prepare for the first date

3 min readNov 1, 2020
First Date

Tonight (or today), you’ll be meeting the person you’ve been talking to online. Exciting and Nerve-wracking, right?

That is why we want to help you prepare for it. The first rule before we get into the nitty-gritty, stop trying too hard to make it perfect. You are not the only one involved, so the only thing you can do is ensure you have a good time and make an excellent first impression. In the end, you might not even like the other person enough to want a second date, so calm down.

Now that you are calm, we think you are ready for the exciting tips we have for you to help you enjoy your first date and probably make it a memorable one ;)

  1. Confirm all the details with your date: Venue? Time? Dress code, if any? Do you need to make reservations, and has it been done? Will it just be the two of you, or do they intend to come along with friends? You want to try to avoid any surprises or shocking turn of events.
  2. Discuss your food preference: If you plan to meet your date at a restaurant or cafe, it would be a great idea to discuss their food preferences and ask about any allergies. Although, we will like to assume you’ve talked about this while chatting online, or what do people chat about these days?
  3. Go with some money: It’s 2020, and anything can happen. Be fully prepared with your cash. You might have to split the bills; you might be the one paying for everything; your date might ghost you…the possibilities are endless, but we don’t want you cash-strapped and helpless.
  4. Tidy your home: Remember, we mentioned making an excellent first impression? If your date is picking you from home, we’ll advise that you spend some time cleaning up. And if the date is at home, well, do we still have to tell you to clean up? But beyond cleaning up, you should make your home welcoming and create the right mood with candles or natural flowers.
  5. Clean out your car: If you are driving your date, make sure your car is clean and presentable. It doesn’t look good when you start throwing things into the compartment just before your date gets in the car.
  6. Look your best & pick an attractive outfit: Dress appropriately depending on the location of your date. We don’t want the case of overdressing or underdressing. We’ll be sharing fashion tips for your dates on TikTok (you should follow us there)
  7. Put your phone on silent mode: Seriously, don’t let anyone spoil your chances of a great date with calls or text messages or even notifications. Also, you want to ensure you are paying attention so you can know if you really like your date or not. Because how will you know he picks his nose in public when you are busy checking your phone.

Very importantly, stay opened and positive. Most of our experiences happen mentally before it takes place in the physical. Mentally plan to have a good time and get to know your date better. Don’t overthink anything. Just ensure you have a great time!

Now that your first date is over, what next?

If you liked your date and wouldn’t mind a second date, then you should send a text or call to say thank you for a great time. And probably leave a hint that you’ll like to do it again ;)

If you didn’t like your date, still say thank you and keep it moving.

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Come back and tell us how your first date went. And while we wait, you should go and download MatchMde on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.




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