Have you been Naughty or Nice?

3 min readDec 22, 2020
Naughty or Nice List

Christmas is upon us, and you know what that means — Santa will be visiting soon!

If you are anything like us, you love love presents. But we know not everyone will and should get presents — and we are with Santa on this.

Our team at MatchMde reached out to Santa to get his naughty or nice list for 2020. We like to manage expectations and we want you to be prepared. But more importantly, we want to give you a chance to right your wrongs before Christmas — and maybe — maybe Santa will visit you too. No need to thank us. We aim to please.

Naughty List 2020

If you’ve done any of these things this year, you’ve been naughty and you don’t deserve any presents — we said what we said.

  1. Ghosted Someone: Since you’ve decided to be a ghost and we all know ghosts are invisible, Santa will not be seeing you — and quite frankly, neither are we.
  2. Catfished Someone: You should be in jail for this — physical and social jail. No presents for you!
  3. Lied to a Potential Date: Lying is unacceptable, and that’s why no one trusts you.
  4. Stood up a date: We have no words for you — and definitely no gifts for you.
  5. Responded late to texts: You will be getting your Christmas gifts on February 25th — let’s see how that feels.
  6. Left messages unread: You deserve to be shunned! We like to keep the same energy.
  7. Played multiple partners: This is a step higher than cheating. How do you have the time or energy to juggle multiple partners? You shouldn’t be allowed to meet new people.
  8. Broke up with someone without any explanation: Sometimes, we realize certain relationships won’t work, and this is completely fine. However, ending a relationship without any explanation is very mean.
  9. You talked about your exes on dates: You should go and meet your exes for your Christmas gift. Buh Bye!

As we said, you still have the time to mend your ways. 2020 was difficult for everyone and no one should be making it more difficult for others. Make that call or send that message. They’ll feel better and you’ll definitely feel better — and we don’t think there is any Christmas gift better than love and good ole Christmas Cheer!

Nice List 2020

If you are on this list, we have nothing but love for you. Santa said to tell you that he has loads of gifts for you as well. You have made 2020 bearable for everyone.

  1. Read and responded to messages: Nobody likes to be left unread. Thank you for making people feel important and seen.
  2. Arrived early to dates: You deserve an award for this!
  3. Honest about yourself: They gotta like you for you right? And we’re sure you found someone that did. If you haven’t, then you’ve not been looking in the right places. Download MatchMde and set up your profile — your Match is waiting for you.
  4. Carried Conversations like a Pro: Conversations aren’t easy (ask MILA) but somehow you managed it. All Hail!
  5. Stayed home and Masked Up in public: Thank you for staying safe and keeping others safe as well.

So, have you been naughty or nice? Share with us in the comments.

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