Ghosts In February

3 min readFeb 14, 2021

Have you ever been ghosted in February? It’s no news that around this time, people avoid serious commitments or find a way to end any relationships to avoid buying gifts.

People in new relationships, who probably don’t see the relationship going anywhere, find ways to get out of those relationships before Valentine’s Day.

A lot of times, they think the best way is by “ghosting” because then they don’t have to explain themselves to anyone, but what happens when you get ghosted during the holidays? How do you handle it and move forward?

Well, we have a few tips.

Tip 1: Do not dwell. If you suddenly don’t hear from your “partner” this month, forget about them. Life is too short to waste time thinking about someone that flaked over a holiday.

Tip 2: Spend time with your friends and family. If you get ghosted, you wouldn’t want to be alone. So, you can go home to your family or go and stay with a friend, whatever works for you.

Tip 3: Don’t jump into a new relationship. It’s easy to rebound when someone hurts you. However, the best way to move on, in the long run, is by avoiding rebounds.

Tip 4: Treat Yourself. We spend so much time thinking about others and our relationships with them that we forget to take care of ourselves. If you find yourself ghosted in February, try and do something nice for yourself. Plan a spa day, order food from your favourite restaurant, buy new clothes, or stay in bed all day and watch all your favourite shows. Just do something for yourself, something that would make you happy.

Tip 5: Do not stalk your “ghosters” on social media. Just don’t do it. Block them if you have to, this will save you from a lot of stress.

Tip 6: Download the MatchMde app. MatchMde provides quality matches, and this is what you need after your ghosting experience.

If you’re lucky, you didn’t get ghosted this Valentine’s Day, but if you did these tips will help you through it. If you’re planning to ghost anyone this month, don’t do it. Just end the relationship like an adult.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!




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